Individual Academy

The Academy for Individuals

Individual Academy

The Academy is a social learning platform to support the studies of you and your colleagues.

It provides you with the ability to interact with subject matter experts and team members, and provide your manager with precise feedback about the progress you are making with your studying efforts.

If you require more information on any particular feature of the Academy or would like to know how the Academy can benefit you personally (with tailored examples), please book a free demonstration!

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So why choose an Academy for yourself?

Plug into a library of readily available courses provided by Good e-Learning or your company. Accelerate your learning potential and absorb knowledge whenever you have a spare minute.

Manage multiple certification courses within the academy, and fast-track your career. Send your manager a report to show your progress. Win badges when you complete a course.

Adapting training packages to suit the particular needs of teams or individuals is easy with the Academy’s team management facility. Book a free demonstration today!

  • Personal Development - A platform that supports your studies

  • Learning Schedule - Diarize events and set learning checkpoints

  • Prove Your Value - Manage multiple certification courses and fast-track your career

  • Learn Something Quickly - Plug into a library of readily available courses

Take a closer look at the Academy:

Everyone learns differently. The academy lets you choose the time and location of your studies. All you need is a PC and an internet connection.

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