Organization Academy

The Academy for Organizations

Organization Academy

The Academy is an enhanced learning management system (LMS) allowing delivery of structured learning and development for everyone in an organization.

Brand your Academy to suit your organization and allow team leaders to manage the learning of their teams over multiple global regions.

If you require more information on any particular feature of the Academy or would like to know how the Academy can benefit your organization (with tailored examples), please book a free demonstration!

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So why choose an Academy for your organization?

In today’s global working environment, being able to train employees in different time zones is a critical requirement.

Usually, when training is discussed, cost is at the top of the pile. Classroom and teachers are expensive. Thats why the Academy with a full library of self-paced online courses is perfect for any global organization.

Adapting training packages to suit the particular needs of teams or individuals is easy with the Academy’s team management facility. Book a free demonstration today!

  • Reduce Costs, be Environmental (CSR) - Less printed material, less travel costs

  • Train Whole Departments Rapidly - Distribute training to hundreds or thousands of staff

  • Increase Competitive Advantage - The better the individuals, the better the organization

  • Comply with Legislation - Ensure your workforce has up-to-date knowledge of all standards

Take a closer look at the Academy:

Organizations that want to save money where they can, often look at training as a prime candidate for doing so as classrooms and teachers are expensive.

The Academy is a cost effective and more productive solution.

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