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A Passion for Learning & Development

Our highly skilled and dynamic team are committed to delivering the best learning solutions in the industry.

Relationship management is integral in achieving a smooth transition between each development stage of your learning programme. We invest time and energy by allocating you with a team who are dedicated to tailoring your learning to the requirements of your organization.

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Account Manager

The main point of contact, the Account Manager, will guide you through every step of developing your learning solution. They are key in communicating between our team and your organization, ensuring that everything is delivered to your deadline.

The Account Manager will always be ready to answer to your questions or concerns.

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Account Management

Tom Dunning - Sales Manager

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Instructional Designer

We care about turning the vision of your organization into a reality.

Our Instructional Designers will collaborate with your stakeholders to develop and analyze the scope, purpose and objectives for your learning solutions, creating highly structured storyboards and scripts. They are responsible for the transparency of the project by communicating regular updates and creating live documentation that champions collaboration between our team and your organization.

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eLearning Production

Tom Higgins - Head of E-Learning & Operations

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eLearning Developer

Our experienced e-learning developers are innovators in learning design, user experience and technology. Collaborating with the instructional designers, they will create a learning experience that compliments your brand, engages your learners and brings your content to life.

Working with you every step of the way to transform your vision, the e-learning developers will create and present design wireframes and examples during the project scoping stage as well as keeping you fully involved in the design throughout the full project lifecycle.


Motion Graphic Designer

Motion graphics within e-learning is an excellent tool for improving engagement, motivating learners and explaining concepts though an easily digestible medium.

Our experienced and highly creative motion graphics team can take any content or concept and turn it into simple, engaging videos that are complementary to the course content. All videos are fully tailored to your content and your organization.

Voice-Over Artist

Spoken narration is an important tool to engage learners, define concepts and add an exciting dimension to your e-learning courses. As part of all of Good e-Learning’s packages, a huge range of voice over talent is available.

Any nationality, dialect or gender that you require, we can source. Having such a wide range of options ensures that the voice-over is perfect for your learning.


Quality Assurance Tester

Delivering a quality solution is a high priority for us at Good e-Learning, which means testing our work is at the top of any project agenda. We have a dedicated team of meticulous quality assurers who will thoroughly check the content to make sure the spelling, grammar, sentence structure and meaning are correct.

As well as this, our technical quality assurance team members will test each project end to end in multiple situations and browsers to make sure the course is as technically perfect as it can be.

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