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At Good e-Learning we specialize in creating fully customized learning experiences. Utilizing the latest technology, high-quality motion graphics and even mobile device compatibility, our in-house team of industry experts can transform your content into a totally bespoke and highly effective eLearning program.

We utilize a consultative and collaborative development model, so you will know exactly what is happening at every phase of production.

Bespoke Clients

A Full-Stack Learning Experience

Engagement Components

Gamification, quizzes, character animation or complex simulations, our team work with you to build interactive elements suited to your learning environment and budget.

We transform your training to motivate employees, increase knowledge and boost productivity.

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Video & Motion Graphics

Video is a wonderful medium for retaining a learner's interest over a long period of time.

Using the latest technology, our video & motion graphics team bring to life your training, transforming complex concepts and ideas into simple and digestible learning.

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Mobile & Micro Learning

Our custom eLearning solutions are responsive to each and every device to allow freedom and flexibility to learn where you want, when you want.

Our team of highly skilled Instructional Designers will deliver intuitive and captivating learning in a wide range of rich media formats.

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Meet your Team

At Good e-Learning, we pride ourselves on employing the very best talent within the eLearning industry.

When you start a project, you'll be assigned your very own 'pod' of experts who will guide you through every step of the production process.

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We've been producing high-quality customized eLearning for a long time which is why so many blue-chip organizations around the world choose us as their prefferred training pastner.

Take a look at some our our case studies and see how we can benefit your organization.

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Learning is no longer a 'one size fits all' policy. Unlike most other eLearning providers, we believe that 'custom' means just that.

We create engaging, interactive, and accessible learning that supports the culture of your organization. We'd love to show you how.


"We partnered with Good e-Learning because their expertise in building an online learning platform that could bring our content to life for people all over the world was really really critical"

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Video Production

Videos are a highly effective and efficient learning tool. They offer a solid platform on which to combine rich content into one immersive feature.

Our talented Motion Graphics Designers develop dynamic animations to help learners get to grips with complex ideas or create powerful presenter videos, featuring key stakeholders, to drive home core messages.

Filming onsite or at the Good e-Learning offices, we provide a variety of video services to suit your needs.

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Case Studies

We are proud to work with a diverse range of international clients, covering industries from fashion, to industry standards, and from business consulting to premium holidays.

To understand how we work, take a look for yourself! We've compiled a selection of our courses into case studies so you can hear about the service we provide direct from our clients. Don't just take our word for it!

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Meet the Team

It's been proven time and time again that efficient, effective training is a key factor in employee satisfaction and motivation, so we know it's essential that the right people are creating your training programs.

Our dedicated team of Instructional Designers, eLearning Developers, Motion Graphics Designers and Quality Assurance Testers commit their knowledge, expertise and energy to every project they undertake. They will work in partnership with you to develop your ideal courses, so why not familiarize yourself with the team?

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The way people learn is changing. They are constantly on the move, and with even less time to spend clicking through training at their desks, the learning we provide is dynamic and fast paced.

We use a suite of fully responsive authoring tools, specifically designed to work on phones and tablets, so your learning can be as mobile as its users. They can learn how they want, when they want.

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