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BCS Business Analysis Foundation
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About this course:

Earn your BCS Business Analysis Foundation certification with the award-winning online training team at Good e-Learning!

Business analysts serve a crucial purpose by liaising between different departments, users, and stakeholders in order to facilitate valuable change initiatives. This course will give you a clear understanding of the essential aspects of business analysis, including making business and financial cases, managing stakeholders, carrying out strategy analysis, and more. It will also leave you fully prepared for the BCS Business Analysis Foundation examination. Kickstart your business analysis training today!

Who is this course aimed at?

  • Business analysts, business managers and members of their teams, business change managers, and project managers

  • Anyone seeking to understand the ins and outs of business analysis and how it can support change

  • Anyone wishing to learn the universally-relevant and highly-transferable skills of a business analyst

  • Anyone looking to pass the official BCS Business Analysis Foundation exam on their first attempt

Who is this course aimed at?

  • The purpose of business analysis

  • The core competencies of a business analyst

  • Strategy analysis

  • How to use the Business Analysis Process Model

  • Investigation techniques

  • Stakeholder analysis and management

  • How to model business processes

  • How to define solutions

  • How to make business and financial cases

  • How to establish requirements

  • How to document and manage requirements

  • How to model requirements

  • How to deliver requirements

  • How to deliver business solutions

Why should you take this course?

  • This course comes from the ILX Group, an Accredited Training Provider of the BCS

  • Obtaining the BCS Business Analysis Foundation qualification can help business analysts to unlock significant career and networking opportunities

  • Good e-Learning is an award-winning online training provider

  • This course features tutor support, knowledge check quizzes, and practice exams

  • This course provides case studies and practical examples to help students understand the theory in each module

  • This course comes with a FREE exam voucher

The skills of a business analyst are universally relevant and highly transferable, making this course suitable for anyone regardless of their background, industry, department or level of seniority.

Each module is designed to help students prepare for the BCS Business Analysis Foundation examination. They include practice exam questions, as well as engaging online training resources to help them understand the framework in more detail.

  • Module 1 - Introduction and overview

  • Module 2 - What is business analysis?

  • Module 3 - The competencies of a business analyst

  • Module 4 - Strategy analysis

  • Module 5 - The business analysis process model

  • Module 6 - Investigation techniques

  • Module 7 - Stakeholder analysis and management

  • Module 8 - Modelling business processes

  • Module 9 - Defining the solution

  • Module 10 - Making a business and financial case

  • Module 11 - Establishing the requirements

  • Module 12 - Documenting and managing requirements

  • Module 13 - Modelling requirements

  • Module 14 - Delivering the requirements

  • Module 15 - Delivering the business solution

  • Module 16 - Exam simulator

There are no prerequisites or entry requirements for this BCS Foundation course. Passing the Foundation exam is, however, a prerequisite for moving on to the Practitioner or Intermediate-level Business Analysis certifications.

BCS Business Analysis Foundation is also one of the modules which must be passed in order for students to obtain the International Diploma in Business Analysis.

When you feel ready to sit the exam, just contact support or give us a call. The exam voucher is valid for 12 months from the date of issue and must be claimed within 12 months of first course access.

BCS Business Analysis Foundation exam:

  • 40 multiple-choice questions (worth one mark each)

  • Students must score at least 65% (26 marks) to pass

  • The exam is 60 minutes long

  • The exam is closed-book

What is BCS Business Analysis?

'BCS Business Analysis' is a set of best practices created by the British Computer Society (BCS). The BCS Business Analysis Foundation course introduces students to the purpose, tools, and key processes of business analysis, as well as how it can benefit organizations.

How does business analysis work?

A business analyst will examine different business elements in order to identify, evaluate, and suggest opportunities for improvement. They will usually communicate with various departments and stakeholders in order to make cases for specific change initiatives.

What is the British Computer Society (BCS)?

The British Computer Society is an international body dedicated to supporting the IT industry by raising and maintaining standards of competence and conduct.

How can business analysis benefit businesses?

Business analysis best-practices can help organizations to understand and optimize the value of various business elements, including stakeholders, strategies, and business models. It can also help with process modeling, change management, risk assessment, and satisfying crucial specifications such as compliance targets.

How valuable is business analysis training?

According to Payscale, business analysts can earn between $50,000 and over $97,000 (or between £20,000 and over £69,000 ), depending on their department, location, level of experience, and so on.

What do I need to know about the BCS Business Analysis Foundation exam?

The BCS Business Analysis Foundation exam is a closed-book paper with 40 multiple-choice questions. The exam lasts 60 minutes, and students must score at least 65% to pass.

Why is business analysis so important?

Business analysis is a crucial practice for maximizing the value of key business elements, whether this means optimizing internal processes or providing a greater degree of clarity and perspective to decision-makers.

Organizations that do not take the time to reassess themselves in this way risk wasting time and resources while also limiting the value of their offerings.

Who can use business analysis?

Business analysis is usable by virtually any organization, regardless of size, industry, sector, or location.

What other frameworks can complement BCS Business Analysis?

BCS Business Analysis best practices can be easily combined with other business-centric modeling frameworks, such as BPMN.

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Key Features:

  • Fully accredited:

  • Exam voucher included:

  • Course supplied by: ILX Group

  • Course duration: 18+ hours

  • Access period: 12 months

  • Tutor support:

  • Quizzes & practice exams:

  • Mobile compatible:

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