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Online training for the new Malaysian Companies Act 2016 framework created by leading experts in Malaysian law for Good e-Learning

Companies Act 2016 Malaysia with Good e-Learning

Good e-Learning's New Companies Act 2016 Malaysia online training course has been created in conjunction with leading experts in Malaysian law to give all learners an overview, awareness and background of what the Companies Act is, how its laws and regulations impact on businesses in Malaysia, and what has been updated from previous legislation.

Good e-Learning are now in the process of developing shorter and more personalized online training courses for each specific role required to take this course, including Directors, Shareholders, Company Secretaries and Auditors.

Each of these courses will focus specifically on the changes to the law and regulation of the Companies Act that directly affect each role, allowing for a more personalized and engaging learning experience.

What is Companies Act 2016 Malaysia?

The Companies Act was first implemented in 1965 and served as regulation and law for Malaysian business for 51 years.

In 2003, as businesses moved into a new era, a reform imitative lead by SSM was performed. This reform created a comprehensive review of the 1965 Act over a four year period. The Reform Initiative was extensive, touching many sections and components of the Act. It sought to repeal the Companies Act 1965, which contained rules and regulations that needed revision and fresh updates.

The efforts centre on modernizing, to enable Malaysia to attract greater foreign direct investment into the country, thus allowing for greater ease of doing business and improved corporate governance initiatives.

WhyLearn the New Companies Act 2016?

Our New Companies Act 2016 course has been created in conjunction with leading experts in Malaysian law to provide students with everything they need to have a good understanding of the new legislation.

  • Ensure you are compliant with the new Act and be able to make the necessary transition from previous legislation

  • Have a sound understanding of how business will be conducted under the new Companies Act

  • Gain an understanding of the overview of the legal framework that surrounds the Companies Act

  • Recognize and be able to apply best practices in discharging director, secretary, auditor and stakeholder duties and responsibilities

  • Be able to adapt and apply appropriated responses and safeguarding to the practical issues discussed in the course

  • Minimize disputes and misunderstanding between directors and stakeholders

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