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DevOps & SRE in a nutshell:

Development and Operations play a crucial role in modern business. With so many companies relying on regular code releases, efficiency and quality are essential. However, key departments are often siloed, resulting in a lack of communication and a failure to share valuable expertise. In this kind of scenario, code releases are often delayed, and working environments can be needlessly stressful.

Combining 'Dev' and 'Ops' under one methodology, DevOps offers a solution based on collaboration, automation and frequent testing. DevOps engineers are experts at breaking down barriers and establishing ‘DevOps cultures’ across multiple teams and departments. With staff comfortable combining expertise, resources and responsibilities, development and operations are made faster and more reliable.

Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) is the process of continuously testing the 'reliability' of a new product in development. This enables developers to better understand and adapt to the needs of operations teams.

DevOps and SRE work extremely well together. This is largely because both are designed with automation, inter-team collaboration, and communication in mind, as well as boosting efficiency and reliability within IT pipelines. In fact, the SRE Foundation qualification syllabus has been created and accredited by the DevOps Institute.

DevOps & SRE training & certification:

Good e-Learning offers a variety of courses across the DevOps spectrum, including DevOps Foundation (DOF), DevOps Leader (DOL), DevSecOps Foundation (DSOF) and SRE Foundation (SREF). Our courses are designed to help students enable cultural and professional movement in their organizations, establishing DevOps cultures that will enable major long term benefits.

Our aim is to give students a practical understanding of their training - not just to get them certified! Our courses come with a variety of engaging training assets, including interactive videos, knowledge checks and podcasts. We even provide expert tutor support to help students get to grips with course content.