ArchiMate 3 - What’s new?

The ArchiMate 3 specification is a major update to ArchiMate 2.1. Here are some of the reasons you should consider bridging the gap to ArchiMate 3 if you are already ArchiMate 2.1 Certified.

Published as an Open Group Standard in June 2016, the ArchiMate 3 specification is a major update to ArchiMate 2.1

Like ArchiMate 2.1, ArchiMate 3 is a comprehensive modeling language that allows architects to create commonly understood and integrated visualizations of the essential enterprise architecture domains.

New features in version 3 include:

  • New concepts - Strategy and Motivation

  • New entities – Application, Technology and Implementation layers

  • Better ways to connect planning with implementation

  • Improvements in cross-layer relationships

  • New ‘Physical’ layer

  • Improvements in the viewpoints definition mechanism

What is the ArchiMate 3 Specification?

The ArchiMate Specification is an Open Group Standard supported by many consulting firms and tool vendors. ArchiMate is a modeling language for enterprise architecture, allowing enterprise architects to visualize, analyze, and describe the relationships among architecture domains with clarity and confidence.

Like an architect’s drawing in classic building construction that describes materials, component parts and their relationships, the ArchiMate Specification offers a means of describing the construction and operation of business services.

As a common modeling language, ArchiMate enables stakeholders to design, assess and communicate the consequences of design changes within and between domains such as IT systems, information flows and technical and physical infrastructure.

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