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This course comprehensively covers the improvements made in the ArchiMate® 3 modeling language and how it can be practically applied when creating enterprise architecture models.

Students who have taken this course will have met all of the learning requirements required for ArchiMate 3 Certification.


Full Details of our ArchiMate 3 Bridging Course:

Browse the contents of this eLearning course by clicking on a module title below that you would like to know more about. Visit our exams page to find out more about sitting the ArchiMate 3.0 Practitioner exam.

  • Module 1: Basic Concepts and Definitions

    • In this opening module we look at a more detailed examination of the ArchiMate 3 standard before new concepts and definitions are explained and commonly understood.

  • Module 2: Language Structure for the ArchiMate Standard

    • In this module we take a look at the ArchiMate Standard’s design considerations and to-level language structure before moving on to the layers and framework.

      We will also cover studies of abstraction, concepts and notations, nesting, use of color and notation cues.

  • Module 3: Generic Metamodel and Relationships

    • This module reintroduces the ArchiMate Metamodel and identifies the improvements made in relation to version 2.1.

      The module is completed by going on to define the core set of relationships and their classifications as defined in ArchiMate 3.

  • Module 4: Motivation and Strategy Modeling

    • In Module Four, “Motivation and Strategy Modeling”, we begin by looking at the motivation elements, which are used to model the motivations, or reasons, that guide the design or change of Enterprise Architecture.

      This module will then look at existing elements before highlighting new elements, including value and meaning, formerly of the Business Layer, and outcome.

      We will then turn our attention to the strategy elements, namely resource, capability and course action, and explore their relationship with the core and motivation elements.

  • Module 5: The Business, Application and Technology Layers

    • In this module we will explore the elements that make up the three layers in the ArchiMate framework.

      The purpose of this module is to highlight the new and changed elements in the business, application and technology layers in ArchiMate 3, and to help you gain a better understanding of how entities within each layer can be used in practice modeling situations.

  • Module 6: The Physical Elements

    • In Module Six, we explore the new physical elements in ArchiMate 3 and look at how they support the modeling of physical equipment, materials and distribution networks to the technology layer.

  • Module 7: Cross-layer Modeling

    • A central issue in Enterprise Architecture is the alignment of business and IT.

      This module describes the relationships that the ArchiMate language offers to model the link between business, applications, and technology, and serves to explain the cross-later serving and realization relationships.

  • Module 8: Implementation, Migration, Views and Viewpoints

    • In this module we will investigate the Implementation and Migration elements and modeling as defined in the new release of the standard.

      We will then go on to explain the viewpoint mechanism concepts and structure in the ArchiMate 3 standard.

  • Module 9: Language Customization Mechanics

    • The final module is devoted to the customization mechanisms in the ArchiMate 3 standard.

      This module has changed title from ‘Language Extension Mechanisms’, which was used in the 2.1 standard. It was decided to rename this chapter since customization mechanisms do not actually extend the language.

      We will look at how language can support more specific purposes without burdening it with additional material.

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