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Implementation: TOGAF® 9 eLearning - $699

Gain an overview of the unique elements of the TOGAF framework and Enterprise Architecture and learn how to establish and improve enterprise architecture practices within your own organization

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Implementation: TOGAF® 9 Logo
Implementation: TOGAF® 9 Review
Implementation: TOGAF® 9 Review
Implementation: TOGAF® 9 Review
Implementation: TOGAF® 9 Review
Implementation: TOGAF® 9 Review
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Key Features

  • Set up an effective EA Practice

  • A basic understanding of TOGAF

  • 12 months access

  • 24 hours of course material

  • Exercise submission for tutor review

  • Quizzes & revision modules

  • Expert tutor support

  • Certificate of completion

Course Overview - Try a Free Module

Implementation: TOGAF® 9

This course is all about getting started with an Enterprise Architecture practice. In particular, it looks at what should be considered when attempting to establish or improve an existing EA practice.

It provides the background to TOGAF-style architectures, as well as exposure to many subjects that are often glossed over by other enterprise architecture frameworks. In this, we establish the value that TOGAF brings to the discipline.

Why take this course?

Enterprise Architecture is a discipline that consists of many areas, approaches, guidelines and techniques. There are a number of well known EA ‘frameworks’, including TOGAF® (Open Group), NAF (NATO), FEAF (US Federal CIO Council) and so on.

One of the major challenges with enterprise architecture frameworks is 'how to implement' them or, even more importantly, 'how to start'. Some prior knowledge of architecture is expected though not required.

This course provides guidance on ‘how to start’; that is, how to go about getting your enterprise architecture practice established (or improved). It will provide you with enough insight and detail to integrate what you learn directly into your practice incrementally (a necessity, as many of the areas within enterprise architecture are allied but distinct).

This course is perfect for you if...

  • You have knowledge of EA, are TOGAF-certified, or are studying to gain your certification

  • You are commencing or want to improve an EA practice

  • You are a newly-appointed EA manager, a chief architect, an experienced EA practitioner, a lead architect, or a project/ programme manager

  • You want guidance and insight from senior EA practitioners on how to get started with implementation

  • You want exposure to the key implementation challenges which you and your team will face

  • You want to study in your own time, at your own pace and on devices of your choosing

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5 stars

Just perfect

Just perfect! Awesome material and easy to understand. Very valuable!

Jan Teichgräber


5 stars

Great e-learning platform

Great e-learning platform. It’s also mobile friendly.



4 stars

I know that the tax calculation can be…

I know that the tax calculation can be tricky. However, You should put it somewhere earlier in the checkout process, so that the correct amount is displayed before we give clearance in PayPal.

Oliver M.


4 stars

Well structured and lucid language

Well structured and lucid language

K G Ayyar


5 stars

I really enjoyed it

I really enjoyed it - great content packed in very good form: videos are short (1-2min per topic) and to the point, so you can easily go back; quizzes let you test your knowledge along the way; nice handouts help to review key items when needed. Plus the good e-learning support team is extremely responsive.

Maciej Osiński

Roger Evernden

Roger Evernden - Leading Enterprise Architecture Expert

Since 1984, Roger has been specializing in the practical use of EA to manage organizational transformation. His work forms the basis for more than 400 architecture initiatives worldwide including AstraZeneca, Barclays, Credit Suisse, HSBC, IBM, Microsoft, Westpac and many more.

  There are plenty of TOGAF courses on the market. Good e-Learning stand out from the rest for 3 important reasons: 1) An intuitive and easy to use interface; 2) They go way beyond standard training requirements; 3) This is all backed-up by a team of knowledgeable and experienced professionals  


Course Syllabus - Download the Datasheet

An Overview of TOGAF - Linking Business & Architecture

Learning Objectives

TOGAF ‘refresher’ covering the 6 major components
High-level view of Enterprise Architecture strategy components
Framework help for Enterprise Architecture

The Enterprise Architecture Practice

Learning Objectives

Recognizing and using the differences and similarities between the PMO and the Enterprise Architecture Practice
The Enterprise Architecture Practice and its placement and function within the organization
Set up an Enterprise Architecture Practice
Setting up and engaging an Architecture Board

EA Practice - Implement Vs Integration Approach

Learning Objectives

Understand why it is necessary to integrate an Enterprise Architecture framework rather than just implement it
Management frameworks and integrating an Enterprise Architecture framework

EA Practice - Demand & Supply

Learning Objectives

Enterprise Architecture Information sources and requirements
Enterprise Architecture Demand/Supply Model
Asymmetric Demand
Challenge model for understanding the position of the Enterprise Architecture Practice

EA Practice - Interaction of Strategy, Architecture & Delivery

Learning Objectives

Understand the environment of strategy
Understand what makes up an Enterprise Architecture strategy
Recognize the integration of the strategy into their environment
Understand how to approach the implementation of Enterprise Architecture strategy

EA Practice - Operating & Engagement Models

Learning Objectives

Understanding the Enterprise Architecture Operating Model
Operating model design, structure, adapting and testing
Understanding the Enterprise Architecture Engagement Model
Integrating related business unit functions and relevant interfaces

EA Practice - Capability Assessment

Learning Objectives

Benefits of a capability assessment
Constructing and using a capability assessment

Governance - Standards & Principles

Learning Objectives

The fundamental elements of governance
The difference between governance and management
Recognizing the requirement for governance
Understanding why governance is important
Understanding how to create a governance framework

Services, Capabilities & Tools

Learning Objectives

Difference between services and capabilities
Defining the required services and capabilities for the successful Enterprise Architecture Practice
Recognizing the need for tools and how to choose the appropriate tools

Communications Strategy & Execution

Learning Objectives

Understanding communication, its complexity and scope
Recognizing the criticality of communication and the involved effort

EA Charter

Learning Objectives

Understanding what an Enterprise Architecture charter is and why it is necessary
Developing an Enterprise Architecture charter


Exams / Assessments

Students will be exposed to most of the challenges faced when setting up an enterprise architecture practice.

This is a practically-oriented course and does not come with any formal certification. Rather than simple quizzes on the content covered, each module concludes with a written exercise that encourages you to apply what you have learned. An experienced EA practitioner will then review what you have written.

There is no single correct answer, as the exercises are practical and require you to take into account your own organization's structure, politics, processes, objectives and tools as well as any existing frameworks.

Although there is no official examination or assessment, a certificate of completion will be awarded once you successfully finish the course.

Implementation: TOGAF® 9

Save 15% today! Use code: TOGAF9-15

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