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Implementation: TOGAF® e-Learning - $699.00 (excl tax)

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This course is about getting started with an Enterprise Architecture Practice, and in particular it’s about what should be considered when you’re looking to establish or improve your Enterprise Architecture Practice.

One of the major challenges with Enterprise Architecture frameworks is ‘how to implement’ or even more importantly ‘how to start’.

Some prior knowledge of architecture is expected although not required.

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As well as in-depth visual learning, this course contains audio and video narratives, quizzes and practice exams to provide the best learning experience possible. View the video below or click on the screenshots to see a larger version.

  • 24 hours of course material included

  • Includes candidate exercises and submission for tutor review

  • Includes 24/7 tutor support

  • Instant 12 months access - start today!

  • Set up an effective EA Practice

About this e-learning course:

Enterprise Architecture is a discipline that consists of many areas, approaches, guidelines and techniques and there are a number of well-known framework available for example TOGAF® (Open Group), NAF (NATO), FEAF (US Federal CIO Council) etc.

This course provides a ‘how to start’ regarding getting your Enterprise Architecture Practice established (or potentially improved if you already have one).

This course will provide you with an insight and enough detail to integrate directly into your practice incrementally because the module provides information and guidance on allied but distinct areas.

Implementation: TOGAF®

Implementation: TOGAF® e-Learning

Price: $699.00 (excl tax)

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