Awareness: TOGAF® eLearning - Syllabus - $129.00

  • Introduce yourself or your team to the TOGAF standard

  • 6 hours of course material

  • Quizzes and revision modules

  • Compatible with all devices

  • Instant 6 months access

This TOGAF Awareness course contains no formal examination, although there are 4 quizzes distributed over the course to help you retain knowledge and check your understanding at key moments.

The course comprises four modules consisting of six sections each. At the conclusion of each module, there are six multiple choice questions to help you retain knowledge and check your understanding.

Knowledge checks appear at the end of each topic, and there is a comprehensive quiz at the end of the course.


Full Details of our TOGAF Awareness Course:

Browse the contents of this eLearning course by clicking on a module title below that you would like to know more about. Why not try a free trial module of our course before you buy!

  • Module 1: An Introduction

    • The first module of the course focuses on giving the learner an overview of the age of digital disruption and goes on to set the scene by explaining the key terms and where TOGAF can help a business.

      1.1 Introduction
      1.2 What is Enterprise Architecture and TOGAF?
      1.3 Enterprise Architecture Implementation Challenges
      1.4 An Introduction to the TOGAF Standard
      1.5 Why use TOGAF?
      1.6 The Relationship between TOGAF and other domains

  • Module 2: The Detail

    • Module two dives into more detail about the TOGAF standard to focus on the phases of the Architecture Delivery Model, the Enterprise Continuum and more detailed key terminology.

      2.1 Introduction to the ADM
      2.2 Setting Architecture Context
      2.3 Architecture Delivery
      2.4 Transitional Planning
      2.5 Building Blocks and the Enterprise Continuum
      2.6 Stakeholders, Concerns, Views and Viewpoints

  • Module 3: The Benefits

    • Module three is concerned with the benefits that TOGAF can bring to a business. In this module, learners will discover the benefits of Architecture Governance, the Architecture Skills Framework and many more.

      3.1 Architecture Governance
      3.2 Architecture Skills Framework
      3.3 Architecture Vision
      3.4 Stakeholder Management
      3.5 Service-Oriented Architecture
      3.6 Other Important Benefits

  • Module 4: The Benefits per Stakeholder

    • This, the final module, provides a brief overview of the benefits grouped by stakeholder. The benefits of having The TOGAF standard can relate to the different groups taking part. The specific benefits are identified per involved party.

      4.1 The Business User
      4.2 The IT Organization
      4.3 The EA Organization
      4.4 The IT Service Provider
      4.5 The IT Management Software Vendor
      4.6 The Industry-related Training and Certification Provider

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