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TOGAF version 9 was launched in 2009 and has since become the de-facto global standard for Enterprise Architecture, adopted by more than 80% of the world's leading enterprises, with thousands of individuals, teams, and organizations training for TOGAF certification every year.

TOGAF® 9 Certification is regarded as the industry-standard framework and methodology for enterprise architecture practice.

More than 20,000 individuals around the world have so far taken an accredited TOGAF course. TOGAF 9.1 was released on Dec 1st 2011, containing a number of updates to TOGAF 9.


10 Reasons to Implement the TOGAF Standard

If you ever need to sell the benefits of the TOGAF Standard in under two minutes, you should consider mentioning one of the following 10 reasons to implement TOGAF within your organization:

  • It provides the technical foundation for an effective IT strategy, which in turn is the core of any successful modern business strategy

  • IT enables you to achieve the right balance between IT efficiency and business innovation

  • The TOGAF Architecture Development Method (ADM) is a reliable, proven method for developing an IT architecture that meets the needs of your business

  • It will speed up and simplify architecture development, ensure more complete coverage of the designed solution, and make certain that the architecture selected allows for future growth

  • Any organization undertaking, or planning to undertake the implementation of an enterprise-wide technical infrastructure for the support of mission-critical business applications would benefit from implementing the TOGAF standard

  • Customers who design and implement corporate architectures using TOGAF will greatly facilitate open systems implementation

  • TOGAF plays an important role in helping to “demystify” the architecture development process, enabling IT users to build genuinely open systems-based solutions to their business needs

  • The technical advantages that result from a good IT architecture bring important business benefits such as a more efficient IT operation

  • Better return on existing investment and reduced risk for the future

  • Faster, simpler, and cheaper procurement

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