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The Institute of Sales and Marketing Management (ISMM) was established with the purpose of providing sales professionals at all stages of their career with practical support and training.

ISMM is the UK's only professional sales qualifications awarding body recognized by the Government regulatory body, Ofqual.

Good e-Learning’s ISMM recognized qualifications aim to equip every studying professional with the essential skills to become a commercial success throughout their career and to continue to develop and work through each level to enhance their skills and capabilities.

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Welcome to the online center for ISMM - Sales & Marketing information and advice, free learning resources, and accredited online training courses.

For a quick overview of ISMM - Sales & Marketing, what it is, and the many benefits for yourself, your team, or your organization, just watch our handy video guide! For more guides and promos, visit our free video library.

Alternatively, click and expand the tabs below to learn more about the history of ISMM - Sales & Marketing, it's evolution within the business and IT industry, and how understanding and practicing it can benefit you and your organization.

  • How ISMM can benefit your organization?

    • ISMM qualifications are aimed at sales professionals who wish to develop their skills and enhance their knowledge.

      The ISMM provides 6 levels of industry-recognized qualifications suitable for all levels of sales experience.

      Whether you are just about embark upon a career in sales, you are looking to progress into a more senior role, or you are an experienced sales director, there is a suitable qualification for you.

      Good e-Learning has developed interactive ISMM recognized training material designed specifically for online self-study, and contains everything you need to study for your qualification.

      Our Good e-learning sales courses will provide you with all the necessary skills needed to achieve your ISMM QCF qualifications which will give you a prestigious sign on your CV to show to prospective employers and clients.

  • Who are the qualifications aimed at?

    • ISMM qualifications are recognized by the UK government’s regulator Ofqual and are available on the Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF). This means that they are internationally recognized in the same way as GCSEs, A- Levels and university degrees.

      If you have chosen to study an ISMM Level 3 course, it is likely that you will have the following characteristics:

      Employed in your first or second sales role
      You want to deepen and broaden your knowledge and skills in selling and marketing
      You are looking at taking on more responsibility within your sector
      You want to build on knowledge and skills to progress within your sales career
      You have responsibility for a sales account, sales area or sales channel
      You want a qualification that is equivalent to an A-level, BTEC National or NVQ level 3

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