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This is an interactive e-Learning course for students who wish to become knowledgeable in the legal and ethical aspects of selling.

At the end of the course you will have been given a firm foundation in the Legal and Ethical issues which you need to be aware of as a Salesperson.

This knowledge is of great value to you as a Salesperson as it will allow you to behave with clarity concerning your legal and ethical responsibilities.


Full Details of our ISMM Level 3 U201 Course:

Successful completion of the course results will give you the U201 Award in Understanding the Laws and Ethics of Selling. The course includes a multiple-choice test to check your knowledge and understanding.

Browse the contents of this e-learning course by clicking on a module title below that you would like to know more about. Why not try a free trial module of our course before you buy!

  • Module 1: Understand the Laws Affecting Selling

    • In this lesson we will look at why it’s important to be aware of the law.

      We’ll look at some resources which you can use to stay informed about the specific ‘laws of selling’ which affect you as a salesperson within your specific industry. We’ll look at the concepts of ‘fit for purpose’ and ‘liability’ using some examples.

      You will be shown how to identify specific laws and areas of law which affect selling. You will be given an overview of these legal areas and will be shown online resources and asked to retrieve information from these sources.

      We will then explore how the laws involved in selling affect an organization – in particular, the principle of ‘fit for purpose’.

      And lastly, we’ll examine the potential consequences of not complying with legal requirements – both for you and for your company.


      1.1 Identify the laws affecting selling in an organization
      1.2 Describe how the laws affect selling in an organization
      1.3 Describe the consequences for self, organization and customer if legal requirements are not complied with

  • Module 2: Understand the Ethics Affecting Selling

    • In this lesson, we will look at ethics and culture, qualities of an ethical salesperson, dealing with an ethical dilemma, benefits of selling ethically, consequences of unethical behavior and examples of unethical behavior.


      2.1 Describe the qualities of an ethical salesperson
      2.2 Describe the benefits of selling ethically
      2.3 Describe the importance of industry codes of conduct
      2.4 Describe the consequences for self, organization and customer if a salesperson behaves unethically

      The course includes a multiple-choice test to check your knowledge and understanding.

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