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This course has been developed to provide the knowledge and understanding necessary to enable you to respond to different members of the decision-making unit, whether in consumer markets or organizational markets.

Students will also study the decision-making process and its impact on the sales cycle, and how knowledge of this enables the salesperson to present appropriate solutions throughout the sale process.

Our course is accredited by ISMM and students will be awarded the ISMM U303 Award for "Understanding Influences on Buyer Behavior" at no extra cost!


Why you Should Take This Course:

ISMM Level 3

As well as being an ISMM certified ‘Award’ and worth 3 credits, this module is also a pre-requisite for two larger Level 3 qualifications - the Level 3 Certificate and Level 3 Diploma.

You should take this course if you want to learn about factors which are influences on buyer behavior and you want to understand the buyer decision making process.

Knowledge of buyer behavior enables the sales person to identify appropriate methods of contact and present appropriate solutions depending on who is involved in the sales decision.

At the end of this module you should have gained an understanding of the buyer decision-making processes and their impact on the sales cycle, as well as how this will help you respond to the buyer at each stage of the decision-making process.

To achieve the ISMM Level 3 Diploma, learners must complete each of the mandatory units (U201, U301, U302 and U303), giving a total of 17 credits, plus any of the optional units giving a minimum of another 20 credits, to a total of at least 37 credits.

Browse the course syllabus for a full module by module breakdown of what's included.

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ISMM Level 3 U303 - Understanding Influences on Buyer Behavior Benefits
ISMM Level 3 U303 - Understanding Influences on Buyer Behavior Benefits

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