IT Governance & Compliance Training

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IT Governance & Compliance in a nutshell:

There is no shortage of dangers in the Digital Age. Companies that utilize customer data and personal information have strict responsibilities: while they can certainly profit from having customer details on-file, they must be prepared to keep them safe and, when asked, delete them. This has become particularly important in recent years, with GDPR compliance and data security breaches keeping companies constantly on-edge.

The important thing to remember about IT governance and compliance is that they are ongoing objectives. Best practices must be assimilated into corporate cultures in order to proceed efficiently and on-target. Laws and regulations like the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) also require organizations to be able to demonstrate their ongoing commitment to compliance. Without this evidence, potential fines are often much more severe.

IT Governance & Compliance training & certification:

Are you looking to upskill your organization in proper IT governance and compliance? Good e-Learning offers a range of courses on the subject, covering both the GDPR and the COBIT 5 framework. We focus not only on getting students certified, but also providing them with actionable insight. Our courses are packed with case studies and practical training assets, preparing students to start applying their new knowledge as soon as possible.