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GDPR Awareness eLearning - $39

The EU General Data Protection Regulation brought huge changes for businesses which use personal data. How do you ensure GDPR compliance? What is the ‘right to be forgotten’? Good e-Learning answers these questions with the GDPR Awareness course, complete with 24/7 tutor support and mobile access

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GDPR Awareness Review
GDPR Awareness Review
GDPR Awareness Review
GDPR Awareness Review
GDPR Awareness Review
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Key Features

  • Introduction to the concepts of GDPR

  • Understand the ideas behind GDPR

  • 3 months access

  • 1+ hour of course material

  • Quizzes & revision modules

  • Certificate of completion

  • Expert tutor support

Course Overview - Try a Free Module

GDPR Awareness

On the 25th May 2018, efforts to enforce the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) began. Although many businesses seeking to comply worked hard to meet the deadline, undertakings to educate and raise awareness will, by necessity, continue for many years to come. Organizations and institutions need to make themselves acutely aware of what the GDPR entails, as well as the penalties for being non-compliant.

This short course covers the basic concepts and ideas behind the GDPR and has been designed to provide decision-makers with enough knowledge to continue the conversation on compliance in their own organizations.

Why take this course?

For those who are unaware, the GDPR puts the data collected about you back in your hands and defends your fundamental right to privacy. Prior to the GDPR, the emphasis was on protecting data. Now, it is on protecting the individual. This moves data protection responsibilities out to a field wider than just data security experts and IT departments; marketing, sales, HR, accounting and even the boardroom all need to follow the regulations.

Not only has adapting to the GDPR proved to be a major hurdle for organizations across the world, but the consequences of failing to become GDPR-compliant can be disastrous, both financially and in terms of customer reputation. While the changes are mandatory, exactly how to go about making them has left thousands of companies completely puzzled!

Step one in preparing for the GDPR is, according to the UK Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), to raise you and your organization’s awareness of the regulation. This course offers a perfect first step to do just that!

5 key benefits for taking this course:

  • Briefs and prepares leadership and decision-makers

  • The GDPR is explained in simple and straightforward language

  • Covers only the most essential knowledge

  • Enables decision-makers to engage in further discussions with specialists

  • Our online training courses are designed with mobility and accessibility in mind. You can access your training from any desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone

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5 stars

Just perfect

Just perfect! Awesome material and easy to understand. Very valuable!

Jan Teichgräber


5 stars

Great e-learning platform

Great e-learning platform. It’s also mobile friendly.



4 stars

I know that the tax calculation can be…

I know that the tax calculation can be tricky. However, You should put it somewhere earlier in the checkout process, so that the correct amount is displayed before we give clearance in PayPal.

Oliver M.


4 stars

Well structured and lucid language

Well structured and lucid language

K G Ayyar


5 stars

I really enjoyed it

I really enjoyed it - great content packed in very good form: videos are short (1-2min per topic) and to the point, so you can easily go back; quizzes let you test your knowledge along the way; nice handouts help to review key items when needed. Plus the good e-learning support team is extremely responsive.

Maciej Osiński


Course Syllabus - Download the Datasheet

Module 1: Introduction

Learning Objectives

The Data Protection Directive (DPD)
GDPR – Recognizing Advances in Technology
GDPR – Recognizing Advances in Consumer Rights

Module 2: The Basics

Learning Objectives

Important Dates
The Scope

Module 3: Personal Data

Learning Objectives

Personal Data
Special Categories of Data
Pseudonymized Data

Module 4: The Roles

Learning Objectives

The Roles
Data Subject
Data Controller
Data Processor
Data Protection Officer (DPO)

Module 5: GDPR Principles

Learning Objectives

GDPR Principles
Principle One: Processed Lawfully, Fairly and Transparently
Principle Two: Collected for Specified, Explicit and Legitimate Purposes
Principle Three: Adequate, Relevant and limited to what is Necessary for Processing
Principle Four: Accurate and Kept Up-to-date
Principle Five: Kept in a Form that Allows the Identification of Data Subjects only as Long as Necessary
Principle Six: Processed in a Manner that Ensures its Security

Module 6: The Data Subject’s Rights

Learning Objectives

The Data Subject’s Rights
The Right to Information
The Right to Access
The Right to Rectification
The Right to Erasure
The Right to Restrict Processing

Module 7: The Lawful Bases for Processing

Learning Objectives

The Legal Bases
Contractual Necessity
Legal Obligations
Vital Interest
Public Interest
Legitimate Interest

Module 8: Privacy Notices

Learning Objectives

Privacy Notice Rules under the GDPR
Privacy Notices - Why?
Privacy Notices - What?
Privacy Notices - Where?
Privacy Notices - When?
Privacy Notices - How?


Exams / Assessments

This GDPR Awareness course is made up of 8 modules. The course can be accessed online, giving you the opportunity to study at your own pace, and in a preferred location. It has been specifically built to be viewed on multiple devices. Features include interactive videos, 24/7 tutor support and quizzes to help you test your knowledge. All the latest guidance has been included, including the recent publications from the Article 29 Working Party and the UK’s ICO.

Each Lesson concludes with a brief knowledge check. Questions are a combination of true or false, complete the sentence, and the occasional scenario. Feedback is given with each answer to help the learner work through the topics.

Although there is no official examination or assessment, a certificate of completion is awarded upon successfully finishing the course.

GDPR Awareness

Save 15% today! Use code: GDPR-15

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