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Awareness: IT4IT™ e-Learning - $129.00 (excl tax)

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As the name ‘Awareness Course’ suggests, this course is designed to brief you on The Open Group’s IT4IT standard with need-to-know coverage.

It might be that your organization is implementing the standard, or is considering to do so. You may be a decision-maker, or a potential user. You might be an IT professional, an HR executive, or an accountant.

Whatever your background, the IT4IT standard is something you need to be aware of.

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Take a closer look at this course:

As well as in-depth visual learning, this course contains audio and video narratives, quizzes and practice exams to provide the best learning experience possible. View the video below or click on the screenshots to see a larger version.

  • Introduce yourself, your team, or organization to the IT4IT Standard

  • 6 hours of course material included

  • Course includes quizzes and revision modules

  • Compatible with all mobile devices

  • Instant 6 months access - start today!

About this e-learning course:

Released in Q4 2015, The Open Group’s IT4IT standard is a prescriptive reference architecture for managing the business of IT. Utilizing the value chain concept, the IT4IT standard supports the essential principle of running IT like a business.

Although this course does not itself lead to any formal qualification or accreditation, it will put you in good shape to consider engaging in Good e-Learning's accredited IT4IT Foundation (level 1) training, available self-paced and online.

The Foundation course does lead to formal accreditation, and includes the exam voucher, practice tests and tutor support.

Awareness: IT4IT™

Awareness: IT4IT™ e-Learning

Price: $129.00 (excl tax)

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