Lean Master Belt Practitioner (level 1 & 2) eLearning - Syllabus - $769.00

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This eLearning course provides you with all the training and materials that you will need to prepare for the Lean Master Belt Practitioner assessment..

Adopting the Lean approach allows organizations to eliminate waste along entire value streams (as opposed to isolated points only).

Our Lean Master Belt Practitioner (level 1 & 2) course contains eight modules, covering topics like; Customer Requirements & Service, Planning & Deploying Lean Implementation in an Organization, and The Relationship of Lean to Process Improvement & Six Sigma.


Full Details of our Lean Master Belt Practitioner Course:

The course is assessed by several short end-of-module quizzes, interactive exercises and the submission of a work project. Why not try a free trial module of our course before you buy!

  • Module 1:

    • Customer Requirements & Service, Identification of Prohibitors and Bottlenecks to Process Flow Constraints, Visual Management, and Planning & Deploying Lean Implementation in Your Organizations

      In this module you will return to two of the five Lean principles discussed in Part 1; Value and Flow. Specifically, we will look at customer requirements, service and the identification of prohibitors in a process flow, so-called bottle necks or constraints.

      We shall also consider visual management techniques and return to the Master Lean Belt project work that you have started previously.

  • Module 2:

    • Poka Yoke

      This module focuses on a single main topic, Poka Yoke Mistake Proofing.

      This is an important topic, because if a process is to be considered to be Lean, we need to reduce and eliminate mistakes that are made within the process. Having to find mistakes, and correct them wastes time, money and effort, causes delays and may directly lead to customer dissatisfaction.

  • Module 3:

    • Understanding and Dealing with Resistance, Lean & Financial Management, Relationship of Lean to Systems Thinking, and Theory of Constraints

      This module deals with four topics of considerable importance when considering the implementation of a lean approach.

      How to deal with resistance, the conflict between lean thinking and traditional financial management and Systems Thinking, often seen as synonymous or an alternative to the lean approach. And lastly, the Theory of Constraints.

  • Module 4:

    • The Process Design / Specification Process

      This module advances the topics discussed in module 1 of the Lean Foundation (Part 1) e-Learning, Introduction to Process Management, with greater emphasis on implementation and the practical application of the principles of Process Management.

      The techniques described in this module ensure that a full specification of a new process is produced, sot that IT can produce the system as actually required.

      These techniques can be applied to the design of a new process from scratch, or to re-engineering an existing process.

  • Module 5:

    • The Pursuit of Perfection and Sustaining Improvement, Planning & Deploying Lean Implementation in Your Organizations, Learning & Change, and Managing Lean Teams

      This module deals with the fifth lean principal, `The Pursuit of Perfection` and how to sustain Lean improvement in an organization, as well as learning in relation to Lean, and the benefits of Lean teams.

  • Module 6:

    • Management and Leadership, and Creativity

      This modules concerns the management and leadership required for successful lean implementation, as well as the relationship between Lean and the Six Sigma approach.

  • Module 7:

    • Relationship of Lean to Quality Management, and Root Cause Analysis

      This module deals with two things: The relationship between Lean and Quality Management and the techniques and approach of Root Cause Analysis, which is essential for understanding the current situation and the problems that you are facing.

  • Module 8:

    • Maintaining Ongoing Process Integrity

      This module will teach you about Maintaining Ongoing Process Integrity, and how to maintain improvements made to processes. Much of the content in this module will be very valuable.

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