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Do you want to make your essential processes defect-free? The Good e-Learning Six Sigma Green Belt Advanced course provides an excellent introduction to Six Sigma and how it empowers organizational improvement. Learn Six Sigma’ tools and methodologies at your own pace, enjoying 24/7 tutor support

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Six Sigma Green Belt Advanced (level 1 & 2) Review
Six Sigma Green Belt Advanced (level 1 & 2) Review
Six Sigma Green Belt Advanced (level 1 & 2) Review
Six Sigma Green Belt Advanced (level 1 & 2) Review
Six Sigma Green Belt Advanced (level 1 & 2) Review
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Six Sigma Green Belt Advanced (level 1 & 2)

Course Overview

Study for your Six Sigma Green Belt certification with this fully-accredited online course from Good e-Learning! This course provides an excellent introduction to the Six Sigma methodology and how organizational improvement can be delivered by focusing on quantitative methods in process improvement.

This course is suitable for anyone who wants to gain an in-depth understanding of Six Sigma, including those who are new to the concept and want to learn about applying the principles of Six Sigma within their organization.

Why take this course?

This course is accredited by The Royal Statistical Society. It is suitable for anyone who is responsible for their own products, is a key member of a Six Sigma Black Belt team or simply seeks a solid understanding of the key concepts of Six Sigma and how they can benefit an organization.

You’ll be shown how to identify and implement solutions, how to apply benchmarking techniques and how to identify and select appropriate data sources. The Advanced modules focus on applying the principles and knowledge covered in the Foundation modules, including problem-solving and root cause analysis. They also cover full factorial design and the Taguchi methodology.

‘Six Sigma Green Belt Advanced’ follows on from Six Sigma Green Belt Foundation. If you are new to Six Sigma Green Belt and would just like to start with the basics, you should first complete the Foundation course before moving forward.

Students who take this course will learn:

  • The history and meaning of Six Sigma

  • How to establish customer needs and measure performance

  • How to use analytics, mathematical models and design techniques relevant to Six Sigma

  • How to apply the principles and strategies for problem-solving and root cause analysis

  • A solid understanding of Six Sigma concepts

  • Everything needed to take the Six Sigma Green Belt Advanced assessment

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5 stars

I really enjoyed it

I really enjoyed it - great content packed in very good form: videos are short (1-2min per topic) and to the point, so you can easily go back; quizzes let you test your knowledge along the way; nice handouts help to review key items when needed. Plus the good e-learning support team is extremely responsive.

Maciej Osiński


4 stars

Quick and responsive customer service.

Quick and responsive customer service.



5 stars

Best Quality, Content and Price

Great content and platform. The video learning mixed with interactive modules is modern, easy to understand and mobile friendly. Not just a slide deck with voiceover. Hands down the best online training in terms of quality and for the price, an absolute no-brainer.



5 stars

Excellent so far with a broad selection of courses

Excellent course and support.



4 stars

The content is really good

The content is really good. The form could certainly be improved- it does not seem to be natively built inside good elearning platform (eg like ITIL V4 training) but rather embedded inside. Which means a large chunk of the screen is taken by controls, menu's etc and less than half of the screen is used for the actual content.

Maciej Osiński

  • Accredited by The Royal Statistical Society

  • 78 hours of course material

  • Instant 12 months access

  • Quizzes and revision modules

  • Certificate of completion

  • Expert tutor support

  • Increase your earning potential by up to 34%


Course Syllabus - Download the Brochure

Module 1: Introduction to Six Sigma, Quality and Standards

Learning Objectives

This module introduces you to the meaning and use of the Six Sigma approach, the underlying concept of variation, the relationships to related Quality Management approaches, basic Six Sigma tools, international ISO standards for Six Sigma, and the nature of Six Sigma improvement projects.

Module 2: Defining the Project Mission

Learning Objectives

This module will focus on creativity and creativity tools that can be used in coming up with creative formulations and solutions in (Lean) Six Sigma improvement projects.

In the various stages of DMAIC it is important to think `outside of the box`, rather than thinking in the same old way, with the same constraints. We need creative solutions.

Module 3: Project Reviews and Management

Learning Objectives

This module concentrates on the review and management of Six Sigma projects.

Project management is a very big subject. It provides concepts, tools and techniques to manage relatively small projects, such as Six Sigma projects, through to mega projects like sending men to Mars.

You should use these concepts and tools to a depth suited to your particular project. In this module we will explore the basic concepts and tools of project management, and recognize their application to Six Sigma projects.

Module 4: Introduction to Statistics and Excel

Learning Objectives

This module concentrates on Statistical techniques for summarizing data, and makes extensive use of Microsoft Excel. It assumes no previous knowledge of Excel.

If you are already familiar with Excel, you may find some of the explanations unnecessary and you will get through this module more quickly than others.

Module 5: Statistical Process Control (SPC)

Learning Objectives

This module concentrates on Statistical Process Control. This is one of the most powerful and frequently used tools in Six Sigma projects.

Module 6: Root Cause Analysis

Learning Objectives

This module looks at identifying root causes in order to solve problems and make our processes, products and services more consistent.

Module 7: Bench-marking

Learning Objectives

This module creates an understanding of Bench-marking, and shows you how to identify and select appropriate sources of data. It also shows you how to avoid the common pitfalls of bench-marking.

Module 8: Introduction to Design of Experiments (DoE)

Learning Objectives

This module looks at choices in experimental design, and the Taguchi methodology.


Exams / Assessments

The Six Sigma Green Belt Advanced (Level 1 & 2) course is assessed via several short end-of-module quizzes, interactive exercises and the submission of a work project to your Six Sigma Tutor. On successfully completing the assessments, you will be awarded your Six Sigma Green Belt Advanced Certificate.

A Six Sigma Tutor will be on hand to answer any questions that you may have and provide you with guidance as you work your way through the course.

If you are new to Six Sigma Green Belt you should first complete the Six Sigma Green Belt Foundation course as a pre-requisite before moving forward with the Advanced Course.

Six Sigma Green Belt Advanced (level 1 & 2)

Save 15% on this course with code: 6SIGMA-15

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