IT4IT: Enabling Digital Business Transformation

IT4IT: Enabling Digital Business Transformation

IT4IT: Enabling Digital Business Transformation

Published: 2016-02-18

In this white paper, our very own IT4IT expert Richard Moore will discuss the notion that ANY business transformation is largely an IT transformation.

This includes, the consequences for Enterprise Architecture and IT Governance, and how The Open Group's IT4IT initiative is tackling the problem.

An extract from this resource:

We are in an unfolding era of business disruption. This new landscape is fast-changing and challenging, but it is also full of potential. New household names are arriving at an unprecedented pace, putting extreme pressure on the incumbent big players. And it is digitally driven, and customer focused.

So what does ‘digital disruption’ really mean? It means that huge opportunities for revenue appear and disappear at increasingly faster rates. It means that nimble, configurable systems are displacing legacy IT. It means that monolithic systems and vendor relationships are giving way to loosely-bound ecosystems.

The response to this disruption has been the hard work across many organizations to deliver solutions that reflect our new technology-immersed world.

These responses started locally, but the response is coalescing into a stable platform. The third platform.

Download to read the rest of this white paper to learn how IT4IT is leading the digital transformation and can be a benefit to you and your organization.

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