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How to Measure Services With the ITIL Framework image

How to Measure Services With the ITIL Framework

How to Measure Services With the ITIL Framework

Published: 2019-05-14

IT services have become integral for businesses of all sizes, private and public organizations, educational institutions, consumers, and the individuals working within these organizations. Without IT services, it is hard to see how any organization would be able to deliver their products and services in today’s market.

As a direct consequence, businesses require that IT services are measured, not the performance of an individual component such as a server or application. IT must now be able to measure and report against an end-to-end service and understand how this service supports and enables the business to achieve its goals. Too often we provide a report against a component, system, or application but don’t provide the true service level as experienced by the customer.

In this article, we discuss how IT services are measured.

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