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At Good e-Learning we understand that any successful Learning and Development program must meet the wider goals of the business.

By combining the expertise, methodologies and dedicated services offered by Good e-Learning with the power and support of a world-class Learning Management System, The Learning Ecosystem will not only take your training programs to the next level but also deliver value from a commercial or strategic perspective.

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Implementation Services

An LMS alone is not enough to deliver business goals. A more holistic approach is required; you need a dedicated team and years of expertise to turn a technology platform into a solution that provides value at a corporate level.

The Learning Ecosystem Support Team has years of experience creating multi-component learning solutions that deliver business value. We will work with you to understand your strategic goals and then design, configure and maintain the Learning Ecosystem to specification so that it delivers as promised.

We will also provide operational, technical and end-user support to ensure that things run smoothly every day.

Learning Ecosystem

Track & Analyze

Once you have built a solid learning platform and assigned tailored training programs to your students, of critical importance is the ability to understand the activity of students, track their progress against targets you have set and then showcase this progress to stakeholders.

At its core, the Learning Ecosystem has dashboard reports that provide you with all of this at the click of the button.

Custom dashboard views can be defined for each type of student, manager or stakeholder. In addition, pre-defined reporting views of learning activity at an individual, group or corporate level can be loaded instantly, and then exported and shared with others.

Track & Analyze
Advanced Reporting

User Management

Whether you are a small, medium or large organization, the Learning Ecosystem combines a host of features that allow you to design and manage a productive and engaging learning environment for your students all over the world.

Assign role-based training programs to guide and support students at each stage of development, create 'branches' that match the structure of your business, send ad-hoc or automated messages, and provide automated workflows for administrators.


Global Learning

The Learning Ecosystem has a truly global reach, connecting students, trainers and facilitators to a localized learning community that can be managed from one central location.

Bring users together into an interactive, customizable environment to kick-start training and development. Align your training to the central goals of the business through powerful reporting and user management.

Social & Gamification

Nurture a learning culture through communication and interactions between students. Students enrolled to a course can view and contribute to forums, and users can pitch questions to experts and discuss best practice in topic channels.

It's also a great environment for informal learning. Users can upload and share knowledge with others for peer review.

Motivate users with badges that recognize their achievements and encourage competition through team leader boards.


White Labelling

Maintain a consistent branded to experience to your users always. All elements of the Learning Ecosystem can be easily customized to match the brand identity and values familiar to your students. Alternatively, create unique visual experiences for different departments or user types.

Our dedicated support team have the skills and experience in white-labelling a Learning Ecosystem to get the very best results out of your students accross the globe.

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