Exin Anywhere

Taking an exam with Exin Anywhere

Exin Anywhere is a service that allows you to take your certification exam online (virtually) from your own PC or laptop.

Good e-Learning provide a free voucher for an Exin Anywhere exam with every purchase of the following courses:

What you need to know:

If you require any information about taking an exam with Exin Anywhere which you can't find below, please don't hesitate to give us a call on UK: +44(0)8435-235096 | US: +1(917)472-9842 or send us an enquiry.

  • How to book an Exam:

    • You can book an EXIN Anywhere exam via the Exin Anywhere website.

      You will first need to create an EXIN account by filling in your personal details. Please ensure that you request your exam voucher during your course access period.

      In order to book your exam, you will need an Exam Voucher. If you purchased this with your course, when you think you are ready to book, please contact Good e-Learning and we will send one immediately. The exam voucher is valid for 1 year from the date of issue.

    How to take the Exam:

    • Because the exam is taken online, you can take it at a location and time that suits you.

      Using EXIN Anywhere software, your computer’s webcam and microphone records your exam session from start to finish.

      At the end of the exam, the recorded video and audio is then sent to Exin, to be reviewed retrospectively by a remote proctor. The proctor will look at the recorded footage to check you have complied with exam guidelines.

    Receiving your Exam result:

    • As soon as you finish the exam you will immediately receive an email with a preliminary (tentative) result. This result will not be confirmed until your exam session has been reviewed by a remote proctor.

      If, after reviewing the audio and video of your exam session, no issues are detected by the proctor, you will receive a final (confirmed) result within 10 working days by email.

      When you receive your result, you will also be given login details to the Exin “Candidate Portal”. If you have passed the exam, you can log in to the Candidate portal to download a digital certificate.

    Is your computer suitable for this Exam?

    • Before you book, you must test that your computer configuration will meet the requirements for an EXIN Anywhere exam, using an online test provided by Exin.

      This test analyses your PC or laptop’s webcam, microphone and internet connection to ensure that you will be able to successfully take the exam.

      For further innformation, please visit the Exin Anywhere website for a complete list of information and guidance. You can download the Terms and Conditions of the Exin Anywhere service here.