Remote Proctor Now

Taking an exam with Remote Proctor NOW

Remote Proctor NOW is a cloud-based solution that allows you to sit your certification exam online, using your own computer.

Using a standard computer webcam with an internet connection, distance learners have the ability to take a proctored exam online affordably – anytime, anywhere. The exam can be taken on-demand, at a time and location of your choosing.

Good e-Learning provide a free voucher for a Remote Proctor NOW exam with every purchase of the following course:

What you need to know:

If you require any information about taking an exam with Remote Proctor NOW which you can't find below, please don't hesitate to give us a call on UK: +44(0)8435-235096 | US: +1(917)472-9842 or send us an enquiry.

  • How to take the Exam:

    • You do not need to schedule your exam - just log in when you are ready to take the exam online.

      As a student of this course, Good e-learning will provide you with a voucher to take the exam for free, available on request. Please ensure that you request your exam voucher during your course access period.

      Please get in touch when you are ready and we will provide you with an authorization code and instructions.

      You must first download a software application onto your computer in order to run the exam session. Your computer’s webcam and microphone records your exam session from start to finish. You will need a reputable form of ID, to be shown at the beginning of the exam.

      After you have completed the exam a recording of the session will be delivered electronically to be reviewed retrospectively by Remote Proctors (audio and video) to ensure the exam was completed within guidelines set by the examination board. To review these guidelines, please visit the APMG website.

  • Receiving your Exam result:

    • You will immediately receive an unconfirmed result after completing the exam. You will not be able to receive a confirmed result until it has been reviewed externally.

      You should allow for 10 working days before receiving an official, confirmed result, by e-mail.

  • Exam conditions:

    • In order to comply with guidelines, you must make the following preparations before the exam:

      Bring photo identification, to be shown to your webcam
      Perform a recorded 360° scan of your examination room using your webcam
      Remove any documents or clutter from the vicinity, including any study materials
      Position your webcam above your monitor, providing a clear view of your face throughout the exam
      Ensure the exam room is free from any noise or disruptions, and remove any electronic devices or headsets

      For further guidance on the Proctor Now Service, please click here. The Terms and Conditions of this service can be found here.

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