An Introduction to ArchiMate 3

The ArchiMate graphical language makes it easy to map out complex IT systems, making it an essential enterprise architecture tool. Mike from Good e-Learning looks at the purpose and methodologies behind ArchiMate, as well as the updates delivered in the latest version: ArchiMate 3

Published: Wednesday, March 22, 2017

These days, IT is no longer seen as a mere support tool for businesses; rather, it has become the essence of modern enterprise. Being able to understand the IT ‘architecture’ of an organization has thus become a pertinent requirement, but for managers who lack a technological background, this level of awareness can be difficult to reach.

This was the idea behind ‘ArchiMate’, a graphical language designed to visually represent IT architectures. By using various ‘structures’ and ‘layers’, ArchiMate can be used to map out complex IT systems, making them far easier to understand. This, in turn, can allow decision makers to act with a more holistic perspective, making it easier to achieve key business and IT goals as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Over the years, ArchiMate has been updated to include additional structures and layers, including the motivation behind IT services as well as their implementation. This has made it an increasingly comprehensive tool, and one that has been steadily growing in popularity.

In this video, Mike from Good e-Learning looks at the updates delivered with ArchiMate 3.0. For example, in addition to a new layer for ‘strategy’, ArchiMate 3 also added a ‘physical’ layer, designed to accommodate the physical devices connected via the internet of things.

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