The IT4IT Standard - A Quick Overview

Mike from Good eLearning is here to talk about IT4IT, a reference architecture that treats IT like a business. Using the IT Value Chain, IT4IT-certified users can greatly boost the value of their essential IT services, but how does it all work? Contact Good e-Learning today to find out more!

Published: Saturday, January 16, 2016

Released by The Open Group in October 2015, the IT4IT standard recognizes IT as a production-based business, in that it supplies services based on the needs of customers and organizations. The reference architecture has steadily grown in popularity, particularly as it works so well in conjunction with other standards, frameworks and methodologies, including ITIL, TOGAF and ArchiMate.

IT4IT works according to the value streams, support activities and IT reference architecture listed in the ‘IT Value Chain’. This guidance is surprisingly fluid, with the vendor-neutral reference architecture having been applied to businesses of varying sizes, structures and industries.

So, why learn IT4IT? Not only can it enable businesses to reduce their costs and simplify their IT operations, but it can also create end-to-end traceability for IT production services, allowing users to identify when different departments and key actors are not pulling their weight. The result is a faster, cheaper and more efficient operation, with far less IT-associated risk.

Good e-Learning offers a range of digital transformation courses. Whether you are just seeking a basic awareness of the standard or an IT4IT Foundation certification, Good e-Learning can provide the latest learning tools, along with 24/7 tutor support and FREE exam vouchers, to upskill you as effectively and efficiently as possible.

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IT4IT Training
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