What are the Benefits of Lean Manufacturing?

What is Lean and why is Lean manufacturing applied so widely? How can Lean directly benefit both businesses and customers? In this video, Mike from Good e-Learning looks at the biggest advantages of studying Lean manufacturing. Contact Good e-Learning today to find out more!

Published: Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The Lean methodology is all about cutting out waste and fostering continuous improvement within a business. Not only can this maximize efficiency, but it can also lead to far greater value for customers. While this is often referred to as ‘Lean management’ or ‘Lean manufacturing’, Lean has actually been applied to a wide range of industries and is one of the world’s most popular management frameworks.

But what is lean? How do Lean principles benefit businesses? What is the real value of a Lean certification? In this video, Mike from Good e-Learning looks at the biggest benefits of studying Lean in terms of efficiency, profits and customer satisfaction.

Good e-Learning is an award-winning online course provider covering a range of popular standards and frameworks, including Six Sigma, TOGAF, ITIL and Lean. Our quality management course portfolio has a number of options for Lean students, regardless of their level of experience. The Lean Foundation & Management Overview course serves as a practical introduction to Lean, while Lean Master Belt Practitioner (level 1 & 2) helps students take the next step in becoming certified Lean practitioners. We also offer a package combining Lean and Six Sigma for students who want to mix the waste reduction methodology of Lean with the process improvement techniques of Six Sigma.

If you cannot find a suitable course in our portfolio, we can also create bespoke courses built around your own learning requirements and KPIs.

Interested in finding out more? Browse our full portfolio of Business & IT courses or visit our FREE downloads area for a wide range of posters, whitepapers, case studies and more from leading industry experts.

Lean Training
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