What is ArchiMate? A Quick Overview

The ArchiMate modeling language is an ideal tool for enterprise architects, allowing them to create clear diagrams of complex infrastructures. These enterprise models can make it far easier for managers to make informed decisions, but how exactly does ArchiMate work? Good e-Learning takes a look

Published: Monday, August 24, 2015

Enterprise architects are trained to understand business and IT infrastructures, but what about managers and other key decision makers? If they lack technical backgrounds, they may struggle to make the most informed decisions for positive organizational change.

The ArchiMate modeling language solves this problem by presenting infrastructures as simple enterprise models, providing non-technically minded audiences with the perspective of enterprise architecture without requiring the training. This makes ArchiMate an excellent tool for enterprise architects, particularly those with TOGAF certifications (as both ArchiMate and TOGAF are maintained by The Open Group).

In this video, Mike from Good e-Learning takes a look at ArchiMate, how it works and what advantages it can offer. Good e-Learning is a leading and award-winning provider of Enterprise Architecture courses, utilizing the latest online learning tools to keep students engaged and help them retain their new knowledge. Better yet, all of our courses provide 24/7 tutor support and mobile-accessibility, allowing students to study any time, anywhere.

Our ArchiMate 3 Practitioner (level 1 & 2) course offers students a comprehensive guide to ArchiMate, as well as a FREE exam voucher for when they are ready to take the official examination. Certified ArchiMate practitioners can also make use of the ArchiMate 3 Bridging course in order to update their knowledge to ArchiMate 3. The TOGAF 9.2 Certification & ArchiMate 3 Practitioner Suite can upskill students in both TOGAF and ArchiMate, two vital tools for modern enterprise architecture.

Interested in learning more? Browse our full portfolio of Business & IT courses or visit our FREE downloads area for a wide range of posters, whitepapers, case studies and more from leading industry experts.

ArchiMate Training
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