What is PMP (Project Management Professional)?

PMP training can offer a variety of opportunities for both individuals and businesses, but why? What makes PMP project management stand out? In this video, Good e-Learning offers a clear introduction to ‘Project Management Professional (PMP)’ and the advantages it can offer

Published: Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Over the last few decades, project management has become a skill with almost universal demand. Any company or organization, regardless of location, size or industry, can gain a lot from solid project management practices. Whether this means improving existing services, creating new products or restructuring internal operations, being able to achieve project goals within tight deadlines is essential for a business to stay competitive.

However, project managers undoubtedly have a difficult job. Even a typical project can come with dozens of different factors to juggle; so much so that managing projects as efficiently and effectively as possible requires more than just experience or intuition. Indeed, using a well-practiced framework is essential for staying on target and avoiding wastage.

While there are several project management certifications out there, ‘Project Management Professional (PMP)’ is easily one of the most highly respected. It is a qualification which requires not only a proven understanding of project management best practices (outlined in the PMBOK Guide), but also years of experience using them. Indeed, it’s an achievement for a candidate to even qualify to sit the PMP exam!

Needless to say, earning a PMP certification is an impressive achievement. The recognition that it offers can open up incredible career opportunities. At the same time, having a PMP certified project manager on board can also offer a variety of advantages for a business, not just in terms of project management but also reputation building.

But what do you need to know about the framework before investing in PMP training? In this video, Good e-Learning provides a clear overview of exactly what PMP is and, more importantly, what the framework could offer you and your business.

PMP Online Training
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