What is PRINCE2 Project Management?

PRINCE2 is the world’s most popular project management framework. But what is PRINCE2 project management, and how could it help your business? This video looks at the Themes, Principles and Processes behind PRINCE2, and what kind of benefits the standard can offer

Published: Monday, February 11, 2019

Project management is a diverse subject, but there is one unchallenged truth: the discipline is only getting more complex! Approaching project management with a clear and comprehensive method is essential. Not only will it help you to take all necessary factors into account, but it can also result in much more streamlined, efficient and successful projects overall.

PRINCE2 is the world’s most popular project management framework. It combines clarity with flexibility, ensuring that projects can be adapted where necessary without having to compromise when it comes to quality or release dates. It has been successfully applied across a wide variety of industries, sectors and locations, and has even been combined with other frameworks such as Agile.

In this video, Mike from Good e-Learning provides an introduction to the PRINCE2 methodology. Students can learn about the Themes, Principles and Processes that make it up, as well as the benefits which PRINCE2 can offer businesses, regardless of their size, industry or location. For more information, check out our article on the benefits of PRINCE2, or visit our Project Management course page.

PRINCE2 Training
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