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Customized Learning That Really Matters

To create your perfect bespoke learning solution, it’s essential that we have an intimate understanding of your needs and objectives. That’s why we’ll partner with you to get to the heart of your requirements. It’s also why we don’t just make online courses.

We offer a wide range of learning tools, from professional videos, to informative and engaging, instructional resources that complement the online content we’ll create with you. Which means you can feel safe in the knowledge that we’ll deliver exactly what you need.

We create solutions that bring together a variety of learning tools and teaching methods to transform your content into a tailored learning journey

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Our 5 Step Methodology

To create a course that makes a real difference, we need to get to the very heart of your requirements. That’s why it’s so important to understand your content. It’s how we create the engaging learning journeys that your users need to grow and develop.

1: Project Initiation & Planning

We work with you to establish your objectives and define the key stakeholders within your organization to agree a project brief, scope of content and clear project timelines.

2: Project Specification & Prototype

We’ll create a project specification for the course and use this to produce a functional prototype that you can interact with and review.

3: Storyboard & Script

The storyboard and script sets out the words on the page. This is your first opportunity to review and approve a rough structure and style before we start building.

4: Course Production

Using the completed storyboard and script, we’ll build the course, keeping you up-to-date at all times so you know what’s going on before final delivery.

We get to the very heart of your requirements, it’s how we create the engaging learning journeys that your users need to grow and develop

5: Product Delivery & Future Planning

Host the course yourself or use The Ecosystem, our completely tailored LMS which includes powerful reporting capability as well as free maintenance and support!

Bespoke Features

Online Training Examples

We work closely with our customers to understand their requirements and transform their content into engaging, informative learning packages that combine high quality tailored video, immersive online courses and attractive, instructional resources to deliver learning and development to a global audience.

Images and Diagrams

Look and feel is essential for tying the elements of a learning package together. We’ll always try to visualize ideas and processes and add audio guidance to make them as easy to understand as possible.

Interactions and Animation

Interactions can help tell a story. For example, a complex diagram can be broken down into manageable chunks with hotspots or covered step-by-step with a timed, breakdown animation and voiceover.

Quizzes and Resources

A well designed assessment is a great end to any complex learning package. The key is not to test how much they remember, but what they understand. We include a comprehensive quiz at the end of every course.

Bespoke Video Production Showreel

Video is one of the most powerful learning tools available and we pride ourselves on producing engaging, creative training videos to suit any requirement, topic and budget. Just like our online training, we’ll partner with you to get to the core of your requirements and produce the high quality, exciting video content you expect.

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