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Full Service Video Production

The power of video is conclusive; it has the capability to transform complex and challenging concepts into engaging, easy to consume, and retainable information.

We believe video is improving the way we learn, that's why we provide a wide range of video production services that include presenter-led training, motion graphics, on-location filming and more!

Our qualified and versatile production team are always ready to deliver a solution that satisfies your learning needs. No matter the budget, our team will get to the core of the subject and produce high quality, captivating videos that support the development of your organization.

Featured Project - Alvanon

For Alvanon, being able to deliver high quality learning solutions in an industry with a shortage of qualified consultants/trainers was essential, therefore implementing video learning was fundamental to achieving their ambitions.

From filming SME presenters to using motion graphics to teach complex processes, we delivered a rich plethora of fully tailored videos that has helped them successfully expand their online portfolio.

Take a look at the video testimonial from Ed Gribbin, President at Alvanon on why they chose to partner with Good e-Learning.

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Featured Video

Ed Gribbin - President at Alvanon

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Concept Creation, Storyboards, & Scripts

Storyboard & Script

For Good e-Learning, the concept behind each video is paramount. Our innovative scoping sessions will unlock the concept of your videos and outline the video solutions that best suit your project.

With the consultancy of the video production team, our Instructional Designers work closely with key stakeholders of your organization to define milestones, agree sign off dates and develop storyboards and scripts that meet the vision of the original concept.

Filming, Editing, Animations & More

Filming & Animations

With years of experience filming blue chip organizations across the globe, we are flexible when it comes to travel and have the facilities to film at your location. We also have our own studio spaces for filming if you are ever struggling for space!

Using industry standard software, we edit and animate everything internally, never outsourcing any of the work to ensure that all videos meet the brand guidelines of your organization.

Translation, Subtitles, & Localization

Translation & Localization

Our videos are not just limited to one language. We appreciate that the need for multi-lingual videos as organizations grow internationally is ever increasing and fundimental in building an audience.

Whether you are looking to translate an existing video or create something completely new, we provide fully tailored subtitled videos that are never outsourced and subject to a rigorous QA process. We also provide a service in localized videos as well!

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