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New Companies Act 2016 e-Learning - $49.00 (excl tax)

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This New Companies Act 2016 online training course has been expertly designed and developed by Good e-Learning to give learners an overview, awareness and background of what the Companies Act is, how its laws and regulations impact on businesses in Malaysia, and what has been updated from previous legislation.

Students that successfully complete this course will be awarded a certificate (at no extra cost) to indicate that the candidate has studied and understood the new Companies Act and its various updates.

This course has been created in conjunction with leading experts in Malaysian law.

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Take a closer look at this course:

As well as in-depth visual learning, this course contains audio and video narratives, quizzes and practice exams to provide the best learning experience possible. View the video below or click on the screenshots to see a larger version.

  • Created by leading experts in Malaysian law

  • 8 hours of course material included

  • Certificate of completion awarded for successful course completion

  • Includes revision modules, and 24/7 tutor support

  • Instant 3 months access - start today!

About this e-learning course:

The course will explore the new legal requirements surrounding Directors, Secretaries, Auditors, Shares, Capital and financial reporting.

Learners will gain an understanding of the new developments in the conduct of meetings and will be provided with an insight into new corporate rescue mechanisms, administrative matters and compliance requirements.

New Companies Act 2016

New Companies Act 2016 e-Learning

Price: $49.00 (excl tax)

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