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What is Enterprise Architecture (EA)?

Businesses and organizations have complex information technology (IT) structures. Dozens of interconnected elements and processes all work towards shared short and long-term goals, with varying stakeholders all wanting to make sure their own priorities are being considered. Making sense of this, and giving stakeholders the knowledge and context to be able to make informed decisions, is what ‘enterprise architecture (EA)’ is all about.

With a clear ‘architecture’ blueprint of how a business works, EA practitioners (enterprise architects) can help direct and maximize the efficiency of significant changes, such as digital transformation or risk management initiatives. Architectural blueprints can even be made of an organization’s potential future states, making it simpler for managers to guide it from A to B.

Enterprise Architecture training & certification:

Good e-Learning’s award-winning enterprise architecture training portfolio covers the most popular ea frameworks in the world: TOGAF and ArchiMate. Both can be used by organizations regardless of their size, industry, sector, or location, and demand for certified practitioners is always growing.

TOGAF, ‘The Open Group Architecture Framework’, is a world-class enterprise architecture framework used by thousands of practitioners to create detailed and valuable architectures. It utilizes the Architecture Development Method (ADM), which can be altered and even reordered to suit individual EA projects. At the same time, it also helps practitioners to create reusable enterprise architecture artifacts. This differentiates TOGAF from competitors such as the Zachman framework, which is more about awareness of how architecture domains fit together than the creation of new artifacts or architectures.

ArchiMate, meanwhile, is a modeling language used to represent EA elements to various audiences. The ArchiMate language is highly versatile, allowing practitioners to create ArchiMate models for experienced architects and stakeholders, as well as audiences that are completely new to the practice.

Good e-Learning’s enterprise architecture certification courses are fully accredited by The Open Group. We aim to fully prepare students not only to pass exams but also to retain their new knowledge and learn how to apply it practically. We also offer FREE exam vouchers for the official TOGAF and ArchiMate examinations.