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COBIT® 2019 Foundation
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About this course:

Earn your COBIT 2019 Foundation certification with the award-winning online training team at Good e-Learning!

The COBIT management framework offers a fully modernized approach for both Enterprise Governance and managing Information & Technology (I&T). It provides practitioners with essential processes and tools for minimizing risks, creating value, maximizing corporate resources, and ultimately achieving crucial enterprise goals. It is based on two sets of underlying principles: those that shape and design enterprise governance systems and those that describe the core requirements of governance systems. Kickstart your COBIT 2019 training today!

Who is this course aimed at?

  • Managers who oversee business processes and technology

  • Organizations looking to adopt COBIT 2019 best practices

  • Any businesses which are reliant on technology for accessing relevant and reliable information

  • Managers responsible for ensuring corporate compliance

  • IT managers looking to become certified in a world-renowned IT and business framework

What will you learn by taking this course?

  • How COBIT aligns with other applicable frameworks, standards, and bodies of knowledge

  • How to understand and describe the Governance System and Governance Framework principles

  • The context, benefits, and key reasons COBIT is used as an information and technology governance framework

  • The characteristics and purposes of the COBIT Product Architecture Framework

  • The components of a successful governance system and the contents and overall structure of the Goals Cascade

  • The 40 Governance and Management Objectives, as well as their purpose statements

  • How to differentiate COBIT-based performance management using maturity and capability perspectives

  • How to use COBIT to design a tailored governance system

  • The key points of COBIT business cases and the phases of the COBIT Implementation approach

  • The relationships between the COBIT Design and Implementation Guides and the relationship between Governance and Management Objectives and Governance Components

  • Everything needed to successfully pass the official COBIT 2019 Foundation exam

Why should you take this course?

  • The COBIT 2019 course offers a variety of online training assets, including interactive slides, instructor-led videos, and regular knowledge checks, all created alongside highly experienced COBIT practitioners.

  • Worried about COBIT 2019 certification costs? This course comes with FREE exam vouchers. With Exam Pledge, every candidate can also enjoy free resits (T&Cs apply).

  • COBIT 2019 offers modernized best practices for information governance and IT management, including areas like risk management.

  • COBIT 2019 is a globally recognized IT and business management framework. Recently updated from COBIT 5, the new qualification is highly sought after and can help practitioners unlock fantastic networking and career opportunities.

  • The course is designed to not only help students pass the COBIT 2019 Foundation exam but also to provide them with a practical understanding of how to apply the COBIT framework in real-world organizations.

  • This COBIT 2019 e-learning course is fully accredited by APMG International.

Course Overview

Learning Objectives

This module introduces you to the course’s main features, learning plan, aims and objectives, and structure. It also offers a syllabus, diagram pack, glossary, further reading and links document, white papers, and links for downloading digital copies of the COBIT framework publications. Finally, it addresses some of the most frequently asked questions about COBIT 2019.

Module 1: COBIT 2019 Framework Introduction

Learning Objectives

Module one introduces you to the COBIT framework, as well as Enterprise Governance of Information Technology (EGIT), a core tenet of corporate governance.

COBIT as a framework is intended to encompass all digital elements that an enterprise might use to achieve its goals – hence the focus on both information and technology (I&T). This module will teach you about the difference between governance and management, along with stakeholders and their roles within the COBIT product architecture.

Module 2: Governance Principles

Learning Objectives

COBIT 2019 is based on two sets of principles: those that refer to the core requirements of a governance system and those that can be used to create a governance system.

In this module, you will be introduced to the nine principles that underpin the COBIT framework.

Module 3: Governance System and Components

Learning Objectives

In module 3 you will be introduced to the governance and management objectives of COBIT 2019. These help enterprises achieve clear, realizable results. You will find out how information and technology play a part in achieving goals. You will also uncover the basic concepts, the five domains of the Core Model, and the seven Governance Components that plug into each and every governance and management objective.

Finally, you will find out about the Goals Cascade, as well as the focus areas and design factors that affect how a governance system is built.

Module 4: Governance and Management Objectives

Learning Objectives

Module 4 starts with an overview of the information structure - the COBIT core model - before moving on to discuss the 40 Governance and Management Objectives along with their purpose statements.

The detailed guidance in this module will also help you understand the relationship between the objectives and governance components in greater depth.

Module 5: Performance Management in COBIT

Learning Objectives

Module 5 moves on to performance management, what this means, and how you might manage both the performance of a process and other governance system components.

Concepts such as maturity and capability levels are also introduced, as well as how they can be used to assess how well a specific element is performing.

Module 6: Designing a Tailored Governance System

Learning Objectives

Module 6 covers the content that is brand new to COBIT. In this module, you will take a closer look at the impact of design factors and how they play a key part in the design and construction of a governance system.

Module 7: The COBIT Business Case

Learning Objectives

Module 7 provides a thorough overview of the ‘COBIT Business Case’. The guidance here is generic and non-prescriptive for the sake of accommodating the different approaches and styles that may be adopted by enterprises when preparing a business case.

The module also includes practical writing tips as well as two example scenarios to support you in learning to apply COBIT practically.

Module 8: Implementing Enterprise Governance Over IT

Learning Objectives

Module 8 considers the practical side of implementing a governance system. Here you will look at the Implementation Guide in more detail, including the phases of the Implementation Lifecycle as well as the connection between the Design Guide and the Implementation Guide.

Module 9: Practice Exam

Learning Objectives

This COBIT 2019 online training course comes complete with one practice exam designed to simulate the conditions of the official COBIT 2019 Foundation examination. Candidates are encouraged to spend time reviewing and familiarizing themselves with each module, particularly before booking the COBIT 2019 certification exam.

As well as this exam, the course is packed with numerous revision modules and knowledge checks throughout.

This COBIT 2019 online course is designed to leave students fully prepared to sit and pass the COBIT 2019 Foundation certification exam. Students worried about how much COBIT 2019 costs to study will be glad to know that the course comes with a FREE exam voucher. It is also eligible for Exam Pledge (a free resit on us!)

The COBIT 2019 Foundation certification exam can be booked via the ISACA website. To do so, students will require a username and password. As part of the process, students will be redirected to the website of PSI, a third-party company that manages the COBIT 2019 exams as well as remote proctoring. ISACA advises students to book the exam within 6 months of beginning their COBIT training.

When you are ready to use your free exam voucher, simply contact Exam voucher requests are typically processed within two working days, but please allow up to five. Students must request their exam voucher within the course access period, which starts from the date of purchase. For more information, please visit our Support & FAQs page.

COBIT 2019 Foundation exam:

  • This is an online proctored exam consisting of 75 questions

  • There is a time limit of 120 minutes to complete the exam

  • The exam is closed book

  • The pass mark for the exam is 65%: you must answer 49 out of 75 questions correctly

What is COBIT?

COBIT is an enterprise IT framework that combines governance and management techniques for increasing the value of, and trust in, key IT systems.

How does COBIT work?

COBIT is a generic framework consisting of a reference model, best practices, tools, and a common language. Each element helps organizations understand and optimize key processes while also improving communication and clarity.

What is ISACA?

ISACA is a nonprofit and independent global association focused on encouraging best practices in information systems management.

It offers a number of certificate programs, including COBIT 2019.

How can COBIT benefit businesses?

COBIT can help businesses to optimize their IT governance practices and ensure IT is aligned with corporate goals. It can also be extremely helpful when auditing IT to ensure it is compliant with industry standards and regulations.

What's new in COBIT 2019?

COBIT 2019 features new elements on cyber security and privacy and also reflects updates made to popular standards, regulations, best practices, and guidelines.

It also incorporates new design factors, has a greater focus on performance management, and features new processes relating to data, projects, and compliance.

What is the value of COBIT training?

According to ISACA, the average salary for candidates who have passed COBIT Foundation is $102,112. According to Indeed, COBIT practitioners can earn between £45,000 and over £150,000.

Remember, salaries depend on each candidate's role, experience, and location.

Who can use COBIT?

COBIT 2019 is generic enough to be used by organizations of virtually any size, industry, sector, or location.

What is the importance of IT governance?

IT has become an essential part of modern business. Optimized IT governance is essential for maximizing efficiency, communication, collaboration, and ROIs.

Key Features:

  • Fully accredited:

  • Exam voucher included:

  • Free resit (T&Cs apply):

  • Course duration: 12+ hours

  • Access period: 6 months

  • Tutor support:

  • Quizzes & practice exams:

  • Mobile compatible:

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