The Ecosystem Shop

Connect an e-learning store to your website and start selling online courses today!

Leverage the Value of Your Training

The Ecosystem Shop is a fully integrated e-commerce and LMS solution, driven from your website. It provides instant access to an automated e-commerce revenue stream and allows you to offer a portfolio of training products to your customers in a seamless, branded experience.

For many businesses, the costs and expertise required to sell and manage e-learning can be prohibitive.

The Ecosystem Shop allows you to plug in this capability without extensive development effort. Monetize your existing courses and switch on a new stream of revenue driven through your own website.

The Ecosystem Shop

How Does it Work?

Monetize your existing training courses and switch on a new stream of revenue driven through your own website!


A Global, Scalable, Risk-Free E-Commerce Solution

A Global Solution

The Ecosystem Shop is built using cutting edge technology that allows you to sell training in over 135 currencies to a truly global audience!

Take payment using all major payment methods, including debit and credit card, and the shop will also calculate the correct tax rate for the region, so you can comply with international tax authorities.

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A Branded Experience

All aspects of the customer journey can be white-labelled and branded to your unique specifications.

This allows you to provide your customers with a seamless user journey, from landing on the website, to purchasing on the shop and then taking the course on the LMS.

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Risk Free & Secure

Setup requires minimal investment or risk from you and no technical expertise. You receive money directly from the customer and have full control of your shop account and funds received.

The shop is built on a secure platform that complies with industry standards such as PSD2, PCI-DSS, GDPR and MOSS VAT.

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A Managed LMS

The Shop is just one component in the Learning Ecosystem, a multi-platform training solution that integrates with a sophisticated Learning Management system (LMS).

When combined with the managed services provided by the Learning Ecosystem team, the LMS can be tailored to support the commercial objectives of any organization.

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Our Course Portfolio

If you are looking to plug in the Ecosystem Shop to your website, take advantage of the Good e-Learning Portfolio of Business and IT e-learning products.

As well as being able to sell your own training, you can instantly connect your shop to a library of high quality certification e-learning products and offer these to your customers.

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Become a Reseller

Increase your Service Portfolio and customer base by creating a new revenue stream for your business, without any cost to yourself.

When you sell a Good e-Learning course you still automatically receive funds into your account and Good e-Learning will help you support your customers for free. You will also maintain control of the relationship with your customer.

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